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Mont Saint Michel!
By Scott David Gray and Sharon Tripp.

No run of Mont Saint Michel has been scheduled.

Mont Saint Michel is a Live Action Role Playing (LARP) game. Each player in the game is given a character to portray. Each character has its own goals and personality. In this game there are no winners or losers. Though some characters may have 'goals', actual success at attaining the goals is no reflection on the player's ability. (For example, an actor is playing Shakespeare's Hamlet rather poorly if by the end of his performance the tragic prince were still alive...)
Welcome to the Mont Saint Michel monastery. There are a large number of foreign guests presently, including guests from Protestant nations and a visiting Vatican inquisitor, so the abbot is watching the foreigners very carefully. Because of international tensions between European powers in 1632, and the Protestant split with the mother church, the atmosphere is very tense. Fortunately, nobody is foolhardy enough to spill blood in the house of God. Please join us for an evening of conspiracy, diplomacy, mystery, romance, and swashbuckling under the eyes of Archangel Michael.
If you are interested in arranging a run of Mont Saint Michel in your area, please write to us. Even if we are unable to come to your area to run the game, we may be able to arrange to get you the write-up for the game and advise you on how to run it.
Mont Saint Michel is not presently scheduled to run. However, the public game files are still available. If we did have a run schedled, and you knew that you wanted to (and would be able to) play in Mont Saint Michel, you would be advised to:
  1. Fill out a casting questionnaire so we know what role to give you. Once you are cast you will receive a copy of your character via email.
  2. Make some costuming, appropriate to your character.
  3. Review the following files, and print them out to take with you to the game:
  4. We ask players for $5 per person, to cover food and props, which you should bring with you to the game.
  5. Players must show up on time. Other players' enjoyment may be adversely affected if you are late or absent; and you will likely find your character at a disadvantage if you arrive late. The game will be taking place at 2:00 PM sharp at Alden Memorial Hall (as soon as Sunday Mass is out). Alden Hall is building number 2 on the 3D campus map or the 2D campus map. Alden Memorial Hall is the church at the North-West corner of West Street and Institute Road in Worcester, Massachusetts. (Try to arrive a little earlier.)
  6. If you learn that you would not be able to attend after all, please inform the GMs as soon as possible.


Electronic References

          Mont Saint Michel first ran from 6:00 PM to 12:30 AM, Friday, March 13th, 1998 (the feast of St. Frances of Rome), in Natick Massachusetts. There were 41 new players and 2 GMs.

          The second run was on Sunday, November 1st, 1998 (All-Saint's Day), from Noon til 5:00 PM, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There were 43 new players, 2 NPCs playing playing two roles between them, and 5 GMs.

          The third run was on Saturday, July 31st, 1999 (the feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order), from Noon til 6:00 PM, at Brandeis, in Massachusetts. There were 31 new players, 2 NPCs playing four roles between them, and 4 GMs.

          The fourth run was on Saturday, August 14th 1999 (the feast celebrating the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven), from 2:00 PM until 8:00 PM in Hagerstown Maryland. There were 21 new players, 2 NPCs playing three roles between them, and 2 GMs.

          The fifth run was on Sunday, Febrary 3rd, 2002 (the feast celebrating Candelmas -- the presentation of the infant Christ to the temple), from Noon til 7:00 PM, at Brandeis, in Massachusetts. There were 35 new players, 5 NPCs playing seven roles between them, and 4 GMs.

          The sixth run was on Saturday, April 13rd, 2002 (the feast in honor of saint-martyr Pope Martin I), from 11:00 AM til 5:00 PM, in Delaware. There were 25 new players playing twenty-seven roles between them, 6 NPCs playing nine roles between them, and 2 GMs.

          The seventh run was on Sunday, October 24th, 2004 (the feast in honor of Saint Jude), from 1:30 PM til 8:00 PM, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. There were 38 new players playing forty roles between them, 2 NPCs playing three roles between them, and 4 GMs.

          So far, the game has been run for 234 LARPers.

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For more information, please email msm-gms@sudval.org.

This game is a Subterranean Homesick Games production.