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Mont Saint Michel!

Characters in the Mont Saint Michel Game.

The clergy of Mont Saint Michel:

Abbot Jacques Renaudot [mid-50s] - The shrewd and worldly (some would say TOO worldly) head of the abbey. Very little escapes his notice for long.

Father Artur Madigan [mid-30s] - The only priest presently hearing confession. He's a good listener, having a reputation for being wise, understanding, and discreet.

Father Andre Quentin [late-50s] - He is perhaps the only one with the seniority to openly question the Abbot's policies. And, he does.

Sister Angela [late-30s] - Caretaker of the orphans, and main healer for the residents of Mont Saint Michel.

Brother Cornel [mid-30s] - Mont Saint Michel's choirmaster. He's originally from an aristocratic family.

Brother David [mid-30s] - A scholar studying geology. He occasionally assists Angela in medical matters.

Brother Ignatius [mid-30s] - The Abbot's eagle-eyed assistant, recently appointed the task of aiding Angela in the care of the orphans.

Brother Jasper [mid-30s] - The monastery librarian.

Sister Mary Ann [early-30s] - A quiet sort, she does much of the monastery's gardening.

Brother Paul [mid-20s] - The newest of the monks, Brother Paul arrived at Mont Saint Michel several months ago.

The orphans, wards of the monastery (all are in the choir):

Anne [11-14] - Oldest of the orphans.

Paige [9-10] - Last night during Mass, Paige fell victim to some sort of bewitchment.

Stig [9-10] - A renowned trouble-maker.

Toby [9-10] - A bit of a book worm.

Other residents of the monastery:

Geordi [late-20s] - A new resident of the monastery, who's been doing odd jobs about the place.

Cook [very-very-old] - Cook has been at Mont Saint Michel longer than anyone else, and is somewhat eccentric.

Yves [early-20s] - Cook's half-wit, half-blind assistant.

The townsfolk:

Michele Du Montier [late-20s] - Wife of Taylor Du Montier; she manages the pawn shop and her husband.

Taylor Du Montier [late-20s] - Husband of Michele Du Montier; he runs the pawn shop.

Renee Du Montier [7-9] - Michele and Taylor's adorable child, and a member of the Mont Saint Michel choir.

Schweppe [late-20s] - A devout man, active in local commerce.

Captain Gatien Theriot [early-40s] - A gendarme stationed in the Mont Saint Michel village for the past several weeks.

The French pilgrims:

Alex Dumais [early-30s] - A Parisian aristocrat with strong church ties.

Denis [mid-20s] - Eponine's overly-protective brother.

Eponine [early-20s] - Denis's impetuous sister.

Gerard [late-20s] - A down-on-his-luck traveling minstrel.

Julia [late-20s] - A traveling minstrel.

Brother George [early-40s] - A monk from the monastery of Amiens, traveling with Sister Hortense.

Sister Hortense [mid-30s] - A nun from the convent of Amiens.

Marius Du Val [early-30s] - One of the King's Musketeers, escorting Lady Montaigne.

Veronique Montaigne [late-20s] - A proper lady, and cousin of the king.

Pierre Froissart [late-20s] - A merchant from Orleans.

Robert Colbert [late-30s] - An aristocrat, and a proper gentleman.

Zoe [very-old] - An elderly peasant woman.

Visitors from the Vatican:

Marco Savonni [late-40s] - The Vatican inquisitor.

Federico [mid-50s] - Savonni's aide.

Visitors from Spain:

Luis Palermo [late-30s] - Captain of King Philip's guard.

Juan Guerrero [early-30s] - A pensive guard under Luis's command.

Farukh ibn Adulleh [mid-50s] - An erudite Moor; he is present as a guest of the Abbot.

Castellan [late-30s] - A Gypsy; traveling with Farukh.

Visitors from the Holy Roman Empire:

Gottherd Walter [early-30s] - Bruno's employer.

Bruno [mid-30s] - Walter's guard; strong and quiet.

Karl [late-30s] - A Lutheran businessman.

Simon [mid-40s] - A Jewish banker, apparently here on business.

Leah [late-teens-early-20s] - Simon's willful daughter.

Visitor from the Netherlands:

Peter Schuyler [early-30s] - First mate of a Dutch trading vessel, the Verlizien.

Visitors from England:

Lady Cora Peaslee [late-20s] - Wife of Lord Jonas Peaslee, Anglican Protestant.

Lord Jonas Peaslee [late-30s] - Husband of Lady Cora Peaslee, Anglican Protestant.

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