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Mont Saint Michel!

The character sheet:

The character sheet gives a certain amount of information and background on your character. If at any time you have a question about things your character has seen or heard before game start, please ask a GM. (E.g. "Has my character ever seen that person before?" or "Given my character's trade, would s/he know how fast a camel can move?" or "Hey, when my character was a child, and met His Royal Highness, was I able to see the signet ring? Can I remember it? Did it look like the one that Joe's wearing over there?"). Obviously, don't ask frivolous or trivial questions; but if you think that such background information will be useful/important to figuring out something in game, go for it.

Characters may have cards detailing "abilities" -- things that the character can do that other characters can't. Some may also have "deficits" -- disadvantages which make life more difficult for them. The description of your special rules should be self-explanatory. If not, please ask a GM to help you understand them.


Game money is all in livres. An average middle-class businessman earns about 3,000 livres per year. Though the economy of 17th century France is quite different than the modern economy, and such comparisons are never totally satisfactory, you can think of each livre as being worth about $10. The copper coins are worth 1 livre each. The silver coins are worth 10 livres each. The gold coins are worth 100 livres each.


Some of the game items are represented on cards. However, other items are represented by actual props. The props belong to the Game Masters, or friends of the Game Masters. Give them back at the end of the game.

If a game item has a prop associated with it, as well as a game card with the rules for using the item in game, the card will have a note on it that it must be kept with the prop and is unusable without the prop. If you find a prop that looks like it may have an item card WITHOUT its item card, feel free to hold onto the prop and ask a GM for an item card for it. If you find a card which claims to be associated with a prop, and no prop around, promptly give the card to a GM.

For more information, please email msm-gms@unseelie.org.
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