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All prices should be in pounds, shillings and pence (12 pence = 1 shilling; 20 shillings = 1 pound; 21 shillings = 1 guinea).

In setting prices for things, remember that many things and services were much cheaper then, some were much dearer and some were unavailable.

The GM should consider whether a player's expenditure during an adventure is sufficient to alter his Readies level either permanently or temporarily. For example, buying something at 1 level below Readies may reduce Readies by 1 point for one adventure.

10 National treasures, palaces.
9 Art gallery of good paintings, good country estate.
8 Old Master, racing stables.
7 Race horses.
6 Exceptional jewels (PC limit).
5 Expensive car, stocked stables.
4 Reasonable car, salary for superior gentleman's gentleman.
3 Ordinary gentleman's gentleman, Italian/French tailored suits.
2 Good jewels or a simple diamond ring, housemaid, expensive suit.
1 Dinner out for several friends at a good restaurant, good suit, six bottles of the best champagne.
0 1st class travel for a long journey, six bottles of good champagne.
-1 Lavish dinner for two at a good restaurant.
-2 Two hand-made shirts or a good new hat.
-3 Round for 6 pals at the club bar, tickets for two at the Opera.
-4 Dinner for two at the Lyon's Corner House
-5 2nd class travel
-6 Theatre tickets for two at the "Variety".
-7 Telegram.
-8 3rd class travel.
-9 One drink at the club bar.
-10 Newspaper.

See also The Readies table for basic character affluence levels and Starting cash for how much a chap might have in his wallet at the start of a game.

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