The Romanov

The Time of Troubles Questionnaire

Please use this form to submit your questionnaire. If you have difficulties, write to

Mailing Address:

What (roughly) do you appear like physically? Age, gender, etc. are all relevant. Please submit the range of ages that you feel comfortable costuming yourself as. Are you willing to play a character of another gender? What kinds of costuming for this genre can you get access to?

Rank each of the following statements from 1 (disagreement) to 10 (agreement).
I prefer to be involved in dramatic or emotional scenes.
I prefer problem-solving and intellectual challenges.
I prefer acting, and realizing the subtle aspects of a character -- possibly at the expense of dramatic scenes or problem solving.
I know a good bit about Russian history, Tsar Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godunov, and the Time of Troubles.
I prefer to have my character's goals set and spelled out.
I enjoy foiling other characters (backstabbing allies, or thwarting rivals).
I can keep an audience entertained (list talents: comic improvisational acting, singing, juggling, spontaneous poetry, etc.).

Look at the following list of adjectives. Select any adjectives which describe a character you'd like to play. Determine any adjectives that describe a character you would not like to play. Please only select those adjectives that you feel strongly about.

How poor and wretched would you like your character to be?

Is there anyone who, if s/he is playing in the game, you would like to interact with? Or not interact with? Bear in mind that wanting to not interact with a particular player will limit the roles available to you, and not the roles available to her/him.

What else would you like us to know before assigning your character?

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