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Sports car

A player can use one character point to acquire a sports car or three character points to acquire a really flashy sports car. Ownership of the car will reduce effective The Readies rating by 1 because of the costs of running the car. When in the car, Appearance will go up by 1 (2 for a flashy car) when trying to impress another drone or a young lady. Other people may well be less easily impressed.

Driving ability is only affected if the character is Tipsy or worse - it is up to the GM to decide if a car accident might occur under such circumstances.

Ownership of a car frees the player from train timetables if there is any travelling to be done.


Ernest Spencer drank too much at his brother's dinner party last night and is hung over. He is due to visit his Uncle Fred, who provides his monthly allowance. He does not employ a gentleman's gentleman so the chances of him missing the 10:45 from Paddington are high. However, he does own a car, so when he fails to get to the station on time he can still motor down and his Uncle is happy.

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