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Character Creation Examples

Pinky (George Henry) Pinkerton (built on a basis of 8 character points)

Pinky is fairly well off; his father sends him a good allowance without fail every month which is enough for Pinky to live a life of leisure in his Chelsea flat though he does have to keep an eye on his expenditure (The Readies +2). He is a little brighter than the average Drone (Old Grey Matter +1).
He enjoyed sports at school and has kept himself fit during the three years since he left (Vim & Vigour +2) and he is especially good at running (Running +1).
He is fairly well dressed and averagely respected (Appearance 0).
He notices a pretty girl when he sees one and enjoys female company (romantic resistance -1).
He employs a gentleman's gentleman, whose salary costs him a considerable portion of his allowance. (Readies reduced to 1)

                            Costs                Gains
Base creation points.         8    
The Readies                   2 (mod. to 1)        3  
The Old Grey Matter           1                    1
Vim & Vigour                  2                    3
Appearance                    0                    0
Good at running               1   
Romantic resistance          -1                    1
Gentleman's gentleman         1 (also -1 Readies)

Porky (James Arthur) Bunter (base 4 points)

Porky has a comfortable income and is as bright as the average Drone. He loves eating and is an expert on fine food but he is overweight which limits both his fitness and his appearance.

				Costs               Gains
Base Creation points             4
The Readies                      2                    3
The Old Grey Matter              0                    0
Vim & Vigour                    -1 (fat)              1
Appearance                      -1 (fat)              1
Gentleman's gentleman            1 (also -1 readies)
Gourmet                          2                    3
Romantic resistance             -1                    1

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