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Romantic resistance

This can be taken at +3,+2,+1,-1,-2 or -3.

It affects how likely a character is to fall for a lady. It is usually considered a disadvantage to be overly susceptible to the opposite sex, and liable to land a chap in difficult situations, but if too resistant a chap might miss out on a lot of fun.

A character on -3 is very susceptible and gets engaged readily, often to highly unsuitable young ladies. A character on +3 is almost immune to female charms.

Once enamoured of any female the attribute is used in reverse as a modifier when someone tries to break up the couple.

E.G. Teddy Templeton (Romantic Resistance -3) is out on the town. He takes in a show and in the chorus line notices Tilly, (appearance +6). He must roll 6 on a d10 to resist her charms, adding his Romantic Resistance to the roll. He rolls a 5, which modified by his -3 gives a value of +2.

With eyes bugged out and tongue tied beyond all measure he has failed critically - the poor sap is madly in love. He sighs, stares at the wall, and is generally non-compos-mentis.

Being a sensible chap, his pal Henry attempts to talk him out of this sorry state and employs his most winning arguments, (rolling 8 on a d10 to add to his Intelligence of +4, for a total of 12). Teddy however is not to be swayed (he rolls a 5 for his attraction to Tilly, adds her appearance (+6) and subtracts his romantic resistance (-3) for a total of 14 (5+6-(-3)) and declares his undying love for the girl.

Tilly's comments on this affair have yet to be gathered.

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