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Every level of Luck gets 3 luck points.

Characters may similarly have bad luck (negative points). It should be role played by the player and taken into consideration by the GM. For example, it is unlikely that the purloined cow-creamer will be hidden by NPC's in the bedroom of a Lucky player.

Luck may be tested at the request of the player or GM, often to try to modify the result of a dice roll.

When testing Luck, roll a D10.

If the value in less than the players absolute luck value, then the luck has an effect on the roll being tested.

The luck/3 (round up) is added or subtracted from the main roll being tested.

Good Luck

If a player (as opposed to the GM) with good luck calls for a luck test and his luck holds good then a luck point is subtracted from that players luck score.

E.G. Sammy Tucker, with a luck level of +2 (6 luck points) and a Grey Matter of +2, is trying to get out of an uncomfortable interview with Bertie's formidable Aunt Agatha (Grey Matter +5).

Trying to invent a decent excuse, he rolls a d10 and adds his Old Grey Matter rating. He rolls a 5, gaining him a plausibility of 7 (5+2).

Sammy thinks he'll need to be lucky on this one and so tests his luck. His current luck score is +6 so he must roll 6 or less on a d10 to get lucky.

He rolls a 3 and so gets to add his luck level to his roll for a total of 9 (5+2+2).

Alas, since he's relying on his luck he must also subtract a point from his luck score; from now on Sammy has only 5 luck points.

Aunt Agatha, meanwhile is considering Sammy's excuse and rolls a d10, adding her Grey Matter rating of +5 to determine how gullible she is at present. A roll of 3, gives her a total of 8 (3+5) and Sammy escapes with his life.

If the GM (as opposed to the player) calls for a test and luck holds good, a player with good luck does not lose a luck point.

Bad Luck

If the player (Not the GM) calls for a test against their bad luck then they are clearly mad and should be treated with sympathy. Their luck score is not modified no matter what the outcome.

When the GM (as opposed to the player) calls for a luck test and the player is unlucky, they actually lose a point of bad luck, tending their luck score towards Zero.

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