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This can be taken as can be good, +1, which costs a character point or as bad, -1 which gains a character point. It is taken into consideration as a +1 or -1 to the total when determining the outcome of some situations during a game.

Good sportsman

This can be taken at +1 per activity cricket, rowing, running, shooting, boxing etc.

Student of the Turf

This may be taken as a +1 advantage for one who reads the Racing Times regularly and has a better chance than the average Drone of placing a bet on a winner.

Special interest

This can be taken at +1 but must be specified e.g. good wines, antiques, up on gossip, genealogy, machinery, newts or anything else the GM can be persuaded to permit.


This may be taken as a +1 advantage though the player must specify what sphere of life their contacts are in e.g. the press, the stage, the church, gambling, the policefirce, the judiciary.

Difficult Relation

This might be an Uncle who turns up in town about once a year and insists on painting the town red with you in tow. Or it might be a very stern and demanding Aunt who expects one to be at her beck and call, issuing quite unreasonable edicts and insisting on full co-operation in impossible and embarrassing quests (such as getting engaged to a girl she thinks suitable). Such relations always crop up at the most inconvenient moments in a chap's life.

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