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Guy Fawkes Day Timeline

1586 Mary, Queen of Scots (mother to King James I), is found guilty of treason and executed (1587).
1586 Pipe smoking is introduced into England.
1587 Francis Drake attacks the Spanish fleet in Cadiz harbor.
1587 Japanese leader Hideyoshi bans Christian missionaries.
1588 Christian IV succeeds Frederick II as king of Denmark.
1588 The Catholic League expels Henry III from Paris.
1588 The Spanish Armada is defeated by the English navy.
1588 Timothy Bright composes the first manual of shorthand.
1589 Galileo Galilei is made professor of mathematics at Pisa.
1589 Henry III is assassinated; he is succeeded by Henry IV as king of France.
1590 Christopher Marlowe's drama Tamburlaine the Great is published in London.
1590 English poet Edmund Spenser begins The Faerie Queene.
1590 Hideyoshi completes the unification of Japan.
1590 Viete, inventor of symbolic algebra, writes his Introduction to the Analytic Art.
1590 William Shakespeare begins writing plays about this time.
1591 The Roanoke colony dies out in North Carolina.
1591 The Songhai Empire is destroyed by the Moroccan army.
1592 Elizabeth I founds Trinity College in Dublin.
1592 Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno is imprisoned for heresy.
1592 London theaters are closed because of the plague.
1592 Playwright Christopher Marlowe writes Doctor Faustus.
1592 Thomas Kyd writes his revenge play The Spanish Tragedy.
1593 English theologian Richard Hooker publishes his Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity.
1593 Henry IV of France converts to Catholicism.
1594 Henry IV of France captures Paris.
1594 Jacopo Peri's Dafne, the first opera, is performed in Italy about this time.
1595 Hugh O'Neill leads a rebellion against the English in Ireland.
1596 Warsaw is established as the capital of Poland.
1597 English composer John Dowland publishes his First Booke of Songes.
1597 Spanish artist El Greco paints The Agony in the Garden.
1598 Abbas I of Persia (Iran) defeats the Uzbeks at Herat.
1598 Boris Godunov becomes tsar of Russia; the Time of Troubles begin.
1598 English playwright Ben Jonson writes Every Man in His Humour.
1598 John Florio produces an Italian-English dictionary.
1598 Philip III succeeds Philip II as king of Spain.
1598 The Edict of Nantes grants French Huguenots equal rights with Catholics.
1599 The Earl of Essex is imprisoned for negotiating a truce with the Irish rebels.
1599 The Globe theater is built in London.
1600 A charter is granted to the East India Company by Queen Elizabeth I.
1600 Giordano Bruno is burned at the stake in Rome for heretical writing.
1600 Hans and Zacharias Jannsen construct the first microscope about this time.
1600 Maurice of Nassau defeats the Austrian army at Nieuport.
1600 The Baroque period in art and architecture begins in Italy about this time.
1600 Wigs become fashionable at European courts about this time.
1600 William Gilbert publishes his treatise on magnetism.
1601 Italian artist Caravaggio paints the Conversion of St. Paul.
1601 Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci arrives in Peking.
1601 Manchurian leader Nurhachi unites the Manchu tribes under the banner system.
1601 The Earl of Essex is executed by Elizabeth I after his rebellion fails.
1601 The Gobelins tapestry factory is established in Paris.
1602 Abbas I leads Persia (Iran) in a holy war against the Ottoman Turks.
1602 Bartholomew Gosnold explores the New England coast and names Cape Cod.
1602 The Bodleian Library, the first public library in Europe, opens in Oxford, England
1602 The Dutch East India Company is founded.
1603 Ieyasu founds the Tokugawa shogunate in Japan.
1603 Queen Elizabeth I dies; she is succeeded by James I (James VI of Scotland).
1603 The first Kabuki performance is given in Japan.
1603 William Shakespeare's play Hamlet is performed for the first time.
1604 A false Dmitry lays claim to the Russian throne during the "Time of Troubles."
1604 Charles IX is crowned king of Sweden.
1604 England and Spain are at peace after 19 years of war.
1604 Flemish artist Carel van Mander publishes a handbook for painters Het Schilderboeck.
1604 Hieronymus Fabricius writes De formata foctu, a study of human embryology.
1604 The French East India Company is founded.
1604 The Spanish capture the Dutch city of Ostend after a 3-year siege.
1605 English philosopher Francis Bacon publishes The Advancement of Learning.
1605 Jahangir succeeds Akbar as Mogul emperor of India.
1605 Spanish writer Cervantes publishes part one of Don Quixote.
1605 The English claim Barbados in the West Indies.
1605 The Gunpowder Plot to blow up the English Parliament is discovered.

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