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Guy Fawkes Day Public Character List

The complete list of characters:

The royalty:

King James Stuart [late-30s] - King of England and Scotland. His ascendance to the throne of England two years ago upon Queen Elizabeth's death was the start of a very different tone of monarchy.
Full title: James Stuart, King James VI of Scotland, King James of England
Proper address: Your most royal highness, King of England and Scotland, head of the English Church

Queen Anne of Denmark [early-30s] - King James's wife, she is much-beloved by the English court.
Full title: Queen Anne Oldenberg of Denmark, Queen Consort of Scotland and England
Proper address: Your most royal highness

Prince Henry Stuart [11] - The young crown prince rules over Wales.
Full title: Prince Henry of Wales
Proper address: Your highness, Prince of Wales

Princess Elizabeth [9] - Elizabeth, named in honor of the former queen of England, is being raised in Coventry.
Full title: Princess Elizabeth Stuart
Proper address: Princess Elizabeth

The aristocrats and their retainers:

Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury [early-40s] - The Secretary of State, a bureaucratic busy-body.
Full title: Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury and Secretary of State
Proper address: Your Lordship, Earl of Salisbury, Lord Secretary

Catherine Howard, Countess Suffolk [late-20s] - Keeper of the royal jewels, a favorite of Queen Anne and of the court.
Full title: Catherine, Countess of Suffolk, Keeper of the Queen's Jewels
Proper address: Your Ladyship, Countess of Suffolk

Sir Doyle MacInnes [late-30s] - A favorite courtier of King James, and adviser to the Crown.
Full title: Sir Doyle MacInnes
Proper address: Sir MacInnes

William Parker, Lord Monteagle [early-30s] - The 4th baron Monteagle, a stylish member of the court.
Full title: William Parker, Lord Monteagle, Member of the House of Lords
Proper address: Lord Monteagle

Thomas Wintour [mid-30s] - Lord Monteagle's personal secretary.
Full title: Thomas Wintour, Yeoman
Proper address: Master Wintour

Frances Drayton, Lady Mordaunt [late-50s] - A matron of the court, she is a professed and unrepentant Catholic. She and her husband are wealthy, which is fortunate for them given the recusancy fees.
Full title: Frances Drayton, Lady Mordaunt
Proper address: Lady Mordaunt

Gloria Farnsworth, Lady Evington [late-30s] - A northern aristocrat, recently widowed, her husband's lands have been seized by the Court of Wards.
Full title: Good woman, Gloria Farnsworth
Proper address: M'lady Farnsworth

Nigel Farnsworth [16] - Lady Evington's young son.
Full title: Lord Nigel Farnsworth
Proper address: Lord Farnsworth

The Spanish embassy:

Don Ambrosio Benengeli [mid-50s] - The Spanish deputy-ambassador, recently sent to fill in for Ambassador Don Juan de Tassis during the latter's return to Spain.
Full title: Don Ambrosio Benengeli
Proper address: His Excellency, Ambassador Benengeli

Dona Isabella de Tassis [mid-30s] - Wife of the Spanish ambassador, she has remained in England in his absence.
Full title: Dona Isabella de Tassis
Proper address: Dona de Tasis

The gentry:

Goodman Kenneth Lockewood [early-30s] - A member of Parliament, here to hammer out budget issues before the opening of Parliament.
Full title: Kenneth Lockewood, gentleman, Parliamentarian, and lawyer
Proper address: M'Lord Lockewood

Jeremy Fife [mid-40s] - Wigmaker and member of the gentry, come to court to plead the case for his company's interests.
Full title: Jeremy Fife, gentleman
Proper address: M'Lord Fife

Barnabas Westerbeke [mid-30s] - Wigmaker and member of the gentry, come to court to plead the case for his company's interests.
Full title: Barnabas Westerbeke, gentleman
Proper address: M'Lord Westerbeke

The King's Guard:

Sir Thomas Erskine [late-30s] - The captain of the guard. He served King James as captain in Scotland as well.
Full title: Sir Thomas Erskine, Captain of the Yeoman of the Guard
Proper address: Your Lordship, Captain Erskine

Jacob Downing [early-40s] - A veteran yeoman of the guard.
Full title: Jacob Downing, yeoman of the guard
Proper address: M'Lord Downing

Edmund Fletcher [mid-20s] - Eager young yeoman of the guard.
Full title: Edmund Fletcher, yeoman of the guard
Proper address: M'Lord Fletcher

Anthony Fraser [mid-30s] - Cynical yeoman of the guard.
Full title: Anthony Fraser, yeoman of the guard
Proper address: M'Lord Fraser


Clara Brown [late-20s] - A serving maid at court.
Proper address: Clara

Drew Brown [10] - Clara's child.
Proper address: Drew

The troupe:

William Shakespeare [early-40s] - Former court playwright of Elizabeth's court.
Full title: William Shakespeare, playwright
Proper address: Master Shakespeare

Jasper March [early-30s] - An actor of the Globe Theatre.
Full title: Jasper March, Freeman
Proper address: Jasper

Michael Flynn [mid-20s] - An actor of the Globe Theatre.
Full title: Michael Flynn, Freeman
Proper address: Michael

Oh, and that other guy:

Guy Fawkes [mid-30s] - The Catholic soldier caught planting powder under Parliament.
Full title: Guido Fawkes, Catholic commoner arrested for high treason
Proper address: Dirt

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