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Deep South by Daylight Questionnaire

Please, use this form to submit your questionnaire.
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Be sure to commit to a run, or the GMs won't take your questionnaire seriously!

Rank each of the following statements from 1 (disagreement) to 10 (agreement).

I prefer to have my character's goals set and spelled out.
I prefer to be involved in dramatic or emotional scenes.
I prefer problem-solving and intellectual challenges.
I prefer acting, and realizing the subtle aspects of a character -- possibly at the expense of dramatic scenes or problem solving.
I enjoy foiling other characters (backstabbing allies, or foiling rivals).
I enjoy playing a character who wrestles with a difficult angsty decision.

What sort of character would you like to play? What sort of character do you not want to play?

What else would you like us to know before assigning your character?

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