About the Church of the Eucharist:

The Testimony of Jesus Christ, as Revealed Through the Church of the Eucharist:


          Jesus brought a new covenant to humankind. Though the new covenant is not so restrictive as the old one brought to the people of Israel, it demands a constant vigilance to keep the gospel as told by Christ. We must take Christ at his own word.

          We deeply respect our sister Churches, which are trying broadly to live in Christ's word. However, we feel an obligation, and a calling, to minister that Word as it was spoken.

The Gospel Truth:

          Matthew 26:27-28 tells us
          27: Then He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, 'Drink from it, all of you.
          28: 'for this is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

          Mark 14:24 and Luke 22:20 tell the same story, and so there can be no doubt of it.

          We have lost the way which Christ commanded us to take. The gospels state unequivocally that we are to take the Eucharist with blood, not with wine. The false churches serve wine, and pretend that -- though it is wine they taste on their lips -- there is a spiritual transubstantiation of the wine into the blood of Jesus of Nazareth.

          But we see no evidence of the transubstantiation. Those who share in the communion of most churches are not saved.

          Those who share in the communion offered at the Church of the Eucharist -- where we do not pretend to perform miracles reserved only for the Christ -- accept His promise of remission of sins by drinking blood. Our members are healthy, content, and faithful, having received the blessings and love of God into their hearts, in a fashion that the other Churches merely play at.

The Vision of Kay Luther:

          "'And He will send His angels with a great sound of trumpet, and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.'" -- Matthew 24:31

          Kay Luther had been among the legion of sinners, living in the city of Columbia, South Carolina. At Kay's lowest point, teetering near death and despair, an Angel of the Lord appeared to Kay. Engaged in a Heavenly battle against a Demon come to claim Kay, the Angel fought the Demon off, but lay wounded.

          Kay carried the Angel away, and offered prayers for it. Kay was rewarded by the revelation of the Eucharist. Upon drinking blood, Kay was saved and cleaned of the things of this world, and Kay began spreading the Truth.

          The Angel has since been called back, body and soul, to Heaven, to serve Christ and God directly.

The Testimony of Three Witnesses:

          "I had no purpose. I was a vagrant on the road of life. Lacking any commanding presence of God in my life, despite regular attendance at the Baptist Church near me, I partook of sin -- drinking to excess. After taking the Eucharist offered to me by Kay, I was transformed. The demons from my former life held no power over me. Now I work, building this Heavenly community in Pelham -- doing the work of God." -- Beryl Carter

          "The Lord has taken me by the hand. I am saved. The cup, truly, was a covenant in Christ's blood, which was shed for me. I shall not betray the word of God." -- Zane Bridges

          "At first it was intellectual acceptance of the Church doctrines -- agreeing that the so-called miracle of transubstantiation was no miracle, and my rejection of the Lutheran Church to which I had belonged -- that made me join the Church of the Eucharist. I never expected revelation. I expected to spend a month or two in a community of religious persons, and then to go my way. But the Word has compelled me, and the spirit of God filled me in this True Communion. Truth is here; in each heartbeat and each breath -- just as it is absent in the other churches." -- Tally Whicker

The Church Established:

          The Church of the Eucharist was founded in April of 1997. It has grown steadily since its inception, and now its members number almost 150.

          You can find us in the town of Pelham, off of Pelham Road, near Greenville. Our offices are behind the big green tobacco barn.

          Call for an appointment, at 973-55-LOVE-U. If nobody is in the office, just leave a message on the machine.

For more information, please email sgray@unseelie.org.
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