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Useful stuff to know, that all characters know something about, in Deep South by Daylight.

The Church of the Eucharist

There are many other cultists besides the PC cultists. The other cultists are off tending to the fields, handing out pamphlets at shopping centers, etc. Altogether, there are about 140 cult members.

Communion is given every week. Each member of the church is given a small paper cup of fruit juice containing a drop of communion blood, and a Ritz cracker, served in the dining hall, where Pastor Kay Luther gives the service.

The Church teaches its adherents that Christ instructed his disciples to drink blood at the Last Supper, and points out that in the Gospels Jesus never specifically instructs the disciples to use only the blood of Jesus Christ. The Church of the Eucharist argues against the doctrine of transubstantiation, accepted by most Christian churches, that communion wine is transformed into the blood of Christ. The Church of the Eucharist claims that there is no evidence in the Gospels that Jesus expected the disciples to be able to perform the miracle of actual transubstantiation, and further point out that communion wine does not actually appear to become blood at all. They claim that a communion of blood fulfills God's will, whereas one of wine does not.

The members of the church live very healthy lives. None have suffered disease, and only one has chosen to leave the church; Sloan Fields, a member of the church who was hit by a car, did not return to the church after an extended hospital stay. The Church's communion does not seem to heal every illness (Fran's broken collarbone, or the damage caused by Meredith's stroke) but, even in those cases, they have remained in the church.


A number of the characters are not members of the Church of the Eucharist, but supplicants petitioning to join the Church. The supplicants have spent the last week on the Church commune, and sleeping in the bunkhouses alongside the Church brethren. They have spent this time attending workshops, discussing the basics of the Church's philosophy. They have been undergoing "spiritual purification" -- subsisting on a diet of rice and water, no contact with the outside world, etc. Today's celebration of the Eucharist will be the first opportunity of the supplicants to partake of the Eucharist, which shall make them full members of the Church.


Your character will have a short list of skills; these are primarily roleplaying guidelines. If your character has the skill Carousing, for instance, then that gives you an idea of how the character might act at a party. There are no specific rules for skill use. If your character gets into a drinking contest, you'll know to play the character as being able to hold out a long time. If the punch at the party is spiked, the GM might rule that you are not as heavily affected as others are.

Your skill list is not a complete list of everything that your character is capable of. Most characters are literate, able to drive a car, etc. The only skills listed are those which are unusual, or which your character is considerably more skilled at than the average person. For instance, a character with Driving skill would be more capable of maintaining control of the car when someone is trying to run him/her off the road.

As a general rule, if the player can do it, so can the character. Otherwise, ask a GM if you want your character to do something special.


Because this is set in modern day, little costuming is required. However, certain characters lend themselves to dressing a certain way, so please try to dress up, down, or sideways as appropriate.


Any assets listed on your character sheet will be provided by the GMs.

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