D&D 3rd edition Power Attack damage estimator:

© 2008 by Scott David Gray.

This program is designed to calculate average damage dealt in a round, depending on average damage from the weapon, the base to hit, and whether or not power attack is being used (and to what level) against various armor classes.

The form below allows you to submit numbers to the power attack program. The numbers will be crunched on another machine.


What is the character's total plus to hit with all modifiers included?
What is the average damage the character does with each swing?
What is the power multiplier on an attack (1 for 1-handed weapons, 2 for 2-handed weapons)?
What is the lowest natural roll for a crit threat?
What is the character's plus to confirm a crit, with all modifiers included?
What is the damage multiplier for a critical?
What is the minimum AC we should calculate?
What is the maximum AC we should calculate?

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The source code for this program can be found here.

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