Scott Gray's Dice Pool Calculator

This program is © 2000 by Scott David Gray.

This program is designed to calculate probabilities when using a dice pool.

Dice pools are used in role playing games such as Shadowrun, Star Trek, the Storyteller games, and other games. A dice pool is used by rolling a number of dice and, rather than adding them together, comparing the rolls to a target number and counting how many dice meet that target.

Here are the figures (non-cumulative) for 2 20-sided dice rolled against a target number of 16:

The probability of 2 successes is 6.25
The probability of 1 success is 37.5
The probability of no successes is 56.25

and here is the form itself:

Number of dice to be thrown:
Number of sides each die has:
Target number:

Not cumulative
Both cumulative and not cumulative

This program was designed (and the math calculated) by Scott David Gray, from the Sudbury Valley School.
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